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Our Help to Buy Garden 

Thursday 17th October 2019

"I need a small 10x10 area of weed-ridden ground rotavated and laid turf and boarders planted."  K.T, Holsworthy 

There's nothing we love more at AB SEA Services than to completely transform an outdoor space. In this particular case, our client was looking to evolve the outside space in order to sell the property. Our mission was to create a space that your average house buyer could either maintain or develop. 


Even though the rain gave us plenty of delays, we ended up getting the job done! A positive of working with turf in the rain is that it has every chance to take afterwards, and develops to be lovely healthy grass. 

During this project, we weeded, rotavated, leveled, turfed, and implemented raised beds. 


"It's a huge improvement! Ben worked in some nasty conditions to get the job completed so thank you for that; it is much appreciated."

K.T Holsworthy, Devon